PMVA Training


PMVA training

Prevention and management of violence and aggression

Violence and aggression in the workplace is a growing problem that reflects the general increase in violence in modern-day society. Inevitably this behaviour will spill over into the workplace. The severe personal and organisational costs associated with violence at work are compelling reasons for tackling these issues in the workplace. There are obvious costs associated with litigation against the employer and the often damaging resulting media publicity. Compensation costs, higher insurance premiums, time off work due to physical injury together with the recruitment and training costs of replacing employees put a strain on organisation and individual. conflict management training will teach you techniques of how to recognise, avoid and manage the situation safely.

The PMVA Training course covers conflict management, breakaway and control and restraint all delivered together in a Prevention and Management of Violence And Aggression (PMVA) Course. Training is often a mandatory requirement for healthcare staff that work in a violent/ aggressive setting or those that are frontline workers.

Learning Outcomes


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